• Insurances may deny claims without explanation to the patient
  • Various medical diagnoses under some plans, are not guaranteed to be covered by all plans
  • PT treatments may be denied and the patients would be responsible for a large bill after they have been discharged from PT services
  • Patients are rarely educated of treatment costs, but are fully responsible and expected to pay after possible insurance denial
  • Under an insurance-based clinic, some necessary services may not be covered by insurance plans


ProActFit, PT sessions are not limited by the shortfalls of insurance. All patients receive a detailed receipt for each session that they may submit for self-claim reimbursement for out of network PT services. There is NO co-pay and payment may still count towards your deductible. Patients may be paying as much or more for each visit to a standard insurance-based clinic until that deductible is met. If an insurance-based clinic suggests PT, 2-3 visits / week with $30.00 – $50.00 co-pay per visit, patients are still paying $90.00 – $150.00 / week. With private pay therapy services, patients have proven to save money going the cash-pay route.


  • One-on-one time with the therapist, no double booking, undivided attention
  • Treatments / results are different and vastly better on average than an insurance based clinic
  • Providing this superior service with private physical therapy (one-on-one) would not be possible if insurance was billed
  • Patient’s receive reimbursement or application to client deductibles via self-claim with the itemized and specific documentation provided

In an insurance Based Clinic, many PT’s are used to seeing
10-20 patients handed to them, day after day.


Our time is your time. During your first visit, your therapist will conduct a thorough, sixty-minute evaluation to determine cause and effect related to your injury. Based on evaluation findings an individualized plan of care will be constructed and implemented. Each visit will be a valuable learning experience so you can easily incorporate corrective movements into your daily life. We are driven to give you the best value and highest quality treatments. A majority of PT clinics will allow you 15 minutes with your licensed physical therapist and the rest of the session time spent exercising on your own or with a tech. We do not believe in double booking, nor do our therapists treat multiple patients simultaneously. This enables us to keep your number of visits down, saving you time and money. Treatment and home exercise program usually initiated on day 1, concluding with discussion of follow up plan of care and correspondence with referring physician as needed.


Insurance plans may be structured in a way that you, the patient is required to pay for some necessary services that will help you heal. It is the patient’s responsibility to know his or her insurance coverage as some treatments, (despite having paid a co-pay with an insurance based clinic), may still require additional payment. Unexpectedly, patients from an insurance-based clinic may still end up with a surprising bill after discharge from PT services. None of these issues are a problem with private pay services. We aim to result with positive ongoing outcomes for all patients and they receive any necessary therapeutic treatment(s) regardless of cost with a flat rate of payment per session.

  • Patient’s should understand the costs of their treatment
  • Understand the value of their treatment
  • Maintain autonomy and manage costs for their own care
  • Patients should be confident that there will not be a large bill for service sent to their home that they are responsible for secondary to insurance denial
  • Be treated with one on one 30-60 min treatment sessions with exclusivity and privacy to all patients
  • Discuss patient concerns / goals to return to function and achieve results with carryover into a gym or home exercise program.

Insurance Table

Pay with Pre-Tax dollars – Consider the savings utilizing FSA/HSA (Flexible Savings Accounts / Health Savings Accounts) with eligible medical expenses.


Private pay physical therapy rate at ProActFit, LLC sessions range from $37.00 – $100.00 per visit. This is the very low end of what insurance companies will typically pay for a PT session, though insurances are constantly cost cutting. At ProActFit, Physical Therapy we accept cash, checks, credit cards, flex spending account and health savings account cards.


Each insurance plan has its own set of prerequisites and payment requirements. If you choose to be reimbursed by your insurance plan, we recommend that you call your plan’s customer service department before your appointment to find out the details. Every client will receive a detailed client receipt per visit. All reimbursements to be paid directly to the patient. ProActFit cannot guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company.
ProActFit Physical Therapy is not an insurance provider for any claims.